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Pursuing Proper Compensation for Damage Done by Wildfires

In California, wildfires can be devastating to your home or business. They can cause wrongful death, personal injury, and significant property damage. That’s where the Law Eagles firm comes in.

We make sure to stay up to date on developments in fire cases and our attorneys pride themselves on their ability to perform comprehensive fire investigations. We are committed to helping you and your loved ones recover compensation after a fire disaster has left you with no home, lost income, medical bills, disability, the loss of a loved one, and/or extensive damage to real estate and personal belongings.

We know the fire experts who can help achieve strong results for your case. If you’ve sustained damages as a result of a fire, the Law Eagles is here to spell out your legal options and ensure that your interests are represented.

Some Common Questions, With Answers

Bring your specific concerns to the attention of the Law Eagles and request a personalized analysis of your fire damage and recovery options.

Will fire insurance take care of property damage?

Often, the amount offered by an insurance company is not enough to compensate you for total damages. Our attorneys have experience dealing with insurance bad faith claims and can help ensure that you receive just compensation.

Who is liable in a fire case?

Since there are different ways a fire can begin, many parties could be accountable in a fire case. A utility company might have negligently maintained its equipment, causing its power lines to spark and ignite the fire. A defective smoke detector might have prevented a victim from extinguishing a fire in time to prevent injuries and property damage. A contractor may have failed to wire a property properly, causing a fire to start from old materials in the walls. Or, a landlord may have allowed dangerous conditions to exist that eventually caused a fire to start.

Our lawyer will examine the details of your case to pinpoint how the fire started and who may have contributed to it.

What if wildfires were caused by utility companies?

California utility companies have a legal duty to take certain safety precautions, including removing trees around powerlines, separating power transmission lines to avoid arcing electrical currents, and forbidding maintenance personnel to smoke.

When California utility companies breach their duty to take the steps to reduce the risk of wildfires, it may result in injuries, home and business losses, and wrongful death. If you have been impacted by a California wildfire caused by a utility company, our attorneys at the The Law Eagles can help you recover compensation for your damages.

Let the Law Eagles Evaluate Your Case

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