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Even if Your Insurance Policy Excludes Flood Coverage, You May Still Have Options

Many homeowner and commercial property insurance policies state that flood damages are not covered. However, they typically do cover water damage with other causes. Homeowners or commercial property owners may have separate flood insurance. Determining coverage terms and limits is essential after your home or business has been affected by a catastrophic flood.

At the Law Eagles, we never assume that an insurance claim is not allowed until we investigate all angles of the circumstances. Our attorneys have more than a decade of experience helping property owners overcome barriers to successful catastrophic flood damage claims.

Ask for a Free Case Review After Your Property was Damaged in a Major Flood

The Law Eagles has gained a reputation in the San Diego metro area, thanks to Eric Townsend’s persistence and deep knowledge of insurance laws in California. He may be able to discover insurance coverage you didn’t know you had or negotiate effectively with an insurance claims adjuster after your home or store has been damaged by floods.

If your case merits litigation, our attorneys will diligently prepare as if for trial, even though most cases are settled out of court. An attorney’s readiness and willingness to go before a judge and jury can have a significant effect on the outcome of a claim. Furthermore, there may be government relief funding available in some instances. Mr. Townsend will exhaust all avenues in pursuit of the support you need.

To schedule a free consultation after your home or commercial property has been harmed in a wildfire, in a fire that started some other way, in a catastrophic flood, or because of the effects of a mandatory evacuation in such circumstances, call 619-839-7403 or complete our online contact form.