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When Insurers Play Dodgeball

When an insurer delays payment or refuses to pay legitimate claims for house fires, long-term care needs, or a business interruption, the next step should be a thorough legal analysis of the facts.

Thankfully, in California there is a way forward after a disaster such as a wildfire or catastrophic injury. At Law Eagles, individuals and businesses find insightful analyses and road maps to relief in the face of insurance claims denials.

What Type of Unpaid Insurance Claim is Standing in the Way of Your Recovery?

Even with proper insurance benefits, it is stressful to carry on after a disaster. A denied claim such as the following may make your future seem difficult to envision:

  • A health care, disability, or long-term care insurance claim
  • A fire, flood, or structural failure claim for your home or commercial property
  • A business interruption, libel, or slander damage claim

Did your insurance company assert that your policy had been canceled, but never properly notified you of that? Did it, without explanation, change your insurance terms to allow for more exceptions? Now it may be trying to use such exceptions to get out of paying your claim.

In more than a decade of practicing law, our attorneys have seen and resolved many insurance claim holdups. Give the Law Eagles a chance to evaluate your case and devise a strategy to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

You May Be Able to Bring a Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

When an insurer fails to meet its legal obligations and then denies or undervalues a legitimate claim from a policyholder, a bad faith claim may be appropriate. To prove that an insurance company insured you but then denied your valid claim in bad faith, our attorneys will develop compelling arguments to bring before a judge and jury.

In many cases, the Law Eagles diligent case preparation and persuasive arguments compel defendants to pay on claims after all, rather than risk greater losses and legal expenses at trial.

Some Common Questions About Insurance Claims

Bring your specific questions to our attention for personalized responses.

Where can my family live while our home is being repaired after a house fire, destruction by a wildfire, or a catastrophic flood?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies have allowances for additional living expenses (ALEs). You may be able to find someplace to rent while staying within your ALE limits, or you may be able to negotiate to use those funds to buy or rent a trailer to live in on your own property or nearby. An insurance claims attorney can help you explore your options.

What qualities should I look for in an attorney to help me through the claims process and any necessary dispute resolution or appeals?

At this stressful time, you are likely to receive many postcards and phone solicitations from lawyers and law firms coming out of the woodwork, trying to get your business. Look for an attorney with solid recommendations from past clients. A highly qualified lawyer with a focus on insurance claims and a strong track record may be the right one for you.

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