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Personal Injury

2022’s deadly driving stats

The vast majority of California motorists intend to be safe drivers. However, reckless motor vehicle operators remain on all streets and highways throughout the United States. Data from 2022 suggests that these problems are not likely to fade, as incidents of reckless...

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Passengers and vehicle collisions

Discussions about what to do after a car accident often focus on the driver's post-collision actions. However, numerous accidents on California streets and highways result in passengers suffering injuries. Passengers may benefit from taking several actions after the...

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How to prove that negligence occurred

To obtain compensation in a California personal injury lawsuit, you'll need to show that you were harmed because of the defendant's negligence. There are several elements that need to be established in your quest to prove that the defendant should be held liable for...

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Protect yourself after a hit-and-run

Being involved in a hit-and-run accident in California can be a frightening experience. The accident could involve another car, a motorcycle, or a bicyclist. If you find yourself involved in this situation, there are a few things that you can do so that you're...

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