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The fallout of floods damaging uninsured homes in California

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Fires/Floods

Although heavy rains cause water to overflow riverbanks, you don’t need to live near a body of water to experience flooding. Poor drainage and non-porous soil also contribute to the problem. Unfortunately, a growing number of Californians are losing their vehicles, businesses and homes to floods ravaging this state. As floods continue wreaking havoc on this state, many homeowners remain uninsured for floods.

The damages flood can cause

In seconds, flooding water can destroy electronics, pictures and other valuable items. Dangerous floods have also been responsible for over 20 casualties in recent months throughout California.

Besides worrying about and dealing with water flooding their homes, another problem associated with floods is the issue of mudslides. When large amounts of water smash into soil, rocks and debris, mudslides often occur. This situation means California homeowners coping with flood damage could soon face impending mudslides.

Homeowner’s insurance rarely covers flood damage

Understandably, many homeowners assume that homeowner’s insurance will let them recuperate what they lose after California catastrophic floods happen. The reality is that most homeowners need flood insurance, which most either didn’t have or weren’t aware they needed. One study found that flood insurance protects less than 2% of homes throughout California.

Because of this unfortunate situation, many California homeowners are learning that they have to pay for flood repairs and other associated expenses out of pocket. This news comes at a time when Californians feel the sting of inflation.

While facing the devastating costs of a flood out of your pocket, some insurance policies can cover water damage. That’s why having a professional look over your homeowner’s insurance details is beneficial. Don’t assume anything.