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2022’s deadly driving stats

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Personal Injury

The vast majority of California motorists intend to be safe drivers. However, reckless motor vehicle operators remain on all streets and highways throughout the United States. Data from 2022 suggests that these problems are not likely to fade, as incidents of reckless behavior-caused crashes increased that year.

2022 and reckless driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that the early months of 2022 reflected the highest car accident death toll since 2002. 2022 saw a 7% increase in traffic deaths from 2021, a year where automobile-related deaths reached a 15-year high. Those at risk for death or injury in a vehicle collision include drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Reckless drivers may commit many moving violations and unsafe practices. Such drivers might assume they can remain in control of a vehicle and avoid collisions. Still, such assumptions could lead them to cause an accident — behaviors like speeding, tailgating and cutting other drivers off all present crash risks. Attitudes and aggression may fuel negligent behavior. An impatient driver might go through a red light, leading to a deadly crash in the intersection.

Intoxicated driving continues to be a problem on the road. Drivers under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or prescription pills could be utterly unable to operate a vehicle safely. However, they may drive impaired, putting others in jeopardy.

Victims of reckless drivers

Persons hurt in auto accidents caused by reckless drivers may suffer broken bones and permanent injuries. The NHTSA’s research shows that some people die in such accidents. Legal consequences might befall reckless drivers who cause the collisions.

Victims may seek compensation through a lawsuit. Others could explore their options for an insurance settlement. Regardless, victims may take legal action after suffering harm.